VITO: a sustainable brand

VITO contacted Think BBDO to give the brand ‘a face’, both internally and externally, and to develop a strong and clear brand identity.

VITO: a sustainable brand

VITO is an independent Flemish research institute, with a long track record in pioneering technological research into clean tech and sustainable development. Thanks to its research and innovation, VITO contributes to specific solutions in these domains.

Despite extending the boundaries in many ways, people outside VITO do not always understand this organisation’s ambitions. On top of that, VITO has grown dramatically over the years, causing a confusion of brands and visual identities.

VITO contacted Think BBDO to give the brand ‘a face’, both internally and externally, and to develop a strong and clear brand identity.

Working in partnership with a core team and under the guidance of the company’s management, Think BBDO took on the task of clearly defining the VITO brand in an interactive and participative process.

A series of in-depth discussions with the managers of VITO's various business units kicked off the process. Think BBDO also conducted a survey among key external stakeholders and policy makers: from corporate clients and authorities to opinion makers. This allowed a structured mapping of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as identifying VITO’s bottlenecks and growth opportunities.

Next, a series of interactive workshops were conducted with VITO’s directors, managers and employees, in order to define the positioning guidelines and the story behind the brand renovation. This was achieved with help from Think BBDO’s exclusive Morris Matrix methodology. The VITO baseline was sharpened in line with the new positioning: Vision on technology for a better world.

Going one step further, an audit was carried out of VITO’s brand management, resulting in a clear brand architecture. In addition to boosting unity and clarity, this also takes into account a new reality in which the brand launches partnerships with other organisations.

Lastly, the outcome was compiled in a clear and accessible brand and style guide that was ultimately tested and refined based on input and feedback from VITO's brand and communication team.

When introducing the new brand image and the brand story, a process was chosen in which all communication channels were renewed over several months, both internally and externally.

VITO's new brand story was launched to a wider audience of customers, governments and stakeholders with an inspiring video during the Clean Vision Summit in June 2022.

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