About Think BBDO

Think BBDO is a leading strategic brand advice agency based in Brussels, in the heart of Europe.

The Think BBDO team has more than 15 years of experience in coaching brands, companies, organisations and governments in branding, corporate communication, change communication and corporate storytelling. Think BBDO is fully integrated in the marketing and communication agency BBDO Belgium and the global BBDO family, with sites in over 70 countries.

Our philosophy

Immortal companies know better than anyone how to find the balance between stability and innovation. They adapt to a changing environment, while remaining true to the core values of their organisation.

That’s why Think BBDO is dedicated to its mission of helping build sustainable brands, in every sense of the word:

  • Sustainable, because studies show repeatedly and internationally how strong brands with a clear identity live longer and emerge stronger from times of crisis.
  • Sustainable, because consumers, employees and partners expect brands to strive for a positive impact on our planet.
  • Sustainable, because the strongest brands are those that remain true to their values while also evolving with the times.

For us, strong brands are like butterflies. They are all unique and the result of many transformations. Adapting well to their environment as they go. And with one beat of their wings they can cause a tornado on the other side of the world. As referred to in the famous butterfly effect.

Our process

Think BBDO advocates a phased and participatory way of working. We respect best practices while also developing a tailor-made process for each client. Because one brand is not the other.

Based on our decades of experience and using scientific models, Think BBDO seeks the best communication process for each brand.

Our commitment

  1. Our philosophy: we believe strong brands are built on a balance between change and stability.
  2. Our flexibility: no need to reinvent the wheel. We respect and build upon the best assets of your brand.
  3. Our 360° expertise: strategy and creation are two sides of the same coin. BBDO’s experienced designers turn a strong strategy into an appealing visual identity.
  4. Our experience: brand strategy has been our passion and our core business for over 15 years. We have the hands-on experience to guide your organization through complex journeys.
  5. Our team: Think BBDO is part of a global communication agency, but thanks to our select team of dedicated professionals you can always depend on qualitative and personal service.
  6. Our approach: our proven and participative process guarantees you reach the destination of your communication journey. We stand for best practices but also tailor our approach to individual clients’ needs.
  7. Our partnership with clients: we create support from internal stakeholders by including them in our process from the start. From individual employees to the top of the organization.
  8. Our commitment: we’re results-driven and we keep our promises. The job isn’t done until you’re fully satisfied with the results.
  9. Our punctuality: we understand that deadlines sometimes need to be ambitious, but thanks to our efficient processes and our experience we always deliver quality, on time.
  10. Our accuracy: we work transparently and deliver all results within the agreed budget.