Branding: creating sustainable value

Investing in your brand is an investment in the future. Brands provide comfort and reassurance. They build the foundation for sustainable growth, in good times and bad. And they are a beacon in a world with so much input and information.

Thanks to our passion for brands and more than 15 years of experience in brand strategy and design, no branding concern is too complex for the team at Think BBDO.

Brand identity: building upwards

Every strong brand starts with a solid and strategic foundation.

The brand positioning defines the essence of what the brand aims to achieve in the future, while respecting the present and the past.

Using the insights of the British sociologist Desmond Morris as a basis, BBDO has developed a unique and exclusive positioning methodology. This ‘Morris Matrix’ recognises three human motivations as essential elements in brand identity. Think BBDO has already applied the Morris Matrix to many local and global brands.

Think BBDO is experienced in the various elements behind a coherent brand identity: mission, vision, values, purpose and brand architecture (from house of brands to branded house and everything in-between).

Brand design: stand out

The brand design adds the ‘personality’ to the brand and brand positioning. For example, the name, the logo, the ‘look and feel’ or the baseline.

Attractive brands stand out from the competition: not only in the supermarket shelves, but also in the minds of consumers. Strong brands have a clear visual identity with which to maximise recognition, both on the street and/or online.

Visual identity often starts with a modern logo, but does not stop there. Big brands depend on different recognisable elements, ranging from music (sonic branding) to specific colours, even mascots. In digital environments too, a recognisable style is essential to stand out amidst the endless stream of online content: from today’s templates for social media stories to tomorrow’s metaverse avatars.

Our expertise

Think BBDO is experienced in all types of branding and brand strategy. As an agency our brand activities extend to both B2C and B2B, and a diverse range of industries, including FMCG, retail, telecom, services, energy, automotive sector, pharmaceuticals, mobility, government (international and local) and non-profit. Discover a few of our cases here.

Our particular specialities at Think BBDO include: brand design, brand strategy, brand positioning, digital branding, corporate branding, place branding and city branding, employer branding, brand architecture, internal branding, sonic branding, and more.

Strong brands are a source of reliability

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