Solidaris: a brand for “your health defenders”


With more than 3 million members, Solidaris is the largest health insurance fund in Wallonia and Brussels. Solidaris is a key player in the compulsory health insurance in Belgium, in addition to offering various complementary services and benefits. The fund wanted to develop a new positioning that emphasised the close relationship with its customers and the fact that it can offer an all-in solution.

Our solution

We started by developing a new positioning with the organisation, laying the foundation for this in a workshop with the client. Think BBDO then transposed this new positioning into a brand manual, the baseline ‘Solidaris, c’est votre bonheur qui va être content’ (your happiness will be all the happier) and a creative concept.

The brand manual is an editorial and visual manifesto that explains the Solidaris positioning in an inspirational manner. It also includes a style guide, with guidelines about the style and tone of voice of texts and an artistic vision and guidelines for visuals.

All this served as the base for all future communication and campaigns, with a view to offering the best possible health care and protection to as many people as possible.

We first applied this in 2015 in a campaign for their Optio Dentis (dental plan) product as well as in a campaign that communicated the benefits for children/young adults. This was followed up in 2016 with a campaign for Hospimut, about the full reimbursement of doctor visits and a campaign about the full reimbursement of gynaecologist visits.

Les défenseurs de votre santé

In 2019, Solidaris and BBDO launched an image campaign, in which Solidaris’ employees played the starring role as “your health defenders” (“Les défenseurs de votre santé”). In it, they discussed what they did, what was their passion and why they chose to work for Solidaris. A great way of underscoring the campaign message “Your health deserves only the best”.

The authenticity of the campaign message was also apparent in the use of volunteers for the campaign videos. Solidaris employees volunteered en masse for the role. It is this commitment that sets Solidaris apart from the competition.

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