Genk: a successful transformation


Genk is the second largest city in Belgian Limburg, with a population of 66,000. The challenge was to capture Genk in one slogan: unknown, unloved. The city needed a distinctive and unique positioning.

Our solution

Together with the City of Genk, Think BBDO developed the desired brand identity and positioning, as well as a comprehensive creative platform for promoting the brand.

We involved different internal and external stakeholders at various stages of the process: the mayor, the aldermen, employees of the communication department, city marketing and other services, as well as external representatives of the tourism sector, the hospitality industry, the care industry, economic and housing experts and many others.

An audit workshop, in-depth interviews and a strategic workshop provided the necessary insights to develop the distinctive positioning that was the cornerstone of the city marketing strategy, the city marketing plan and the creative plan.

The creative platform consisted of the new baseline “Iedereen Genkt” (everyone Genks), the new logo and the creative concept, with guidelines for the various communication levels (image, products and city communication). The platform was developed on various communication levels and was the starting point for all marketing, communication, promotion and products

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