European Union – Directorate-General for International Partnerships: building a strong story in the world



The European Union is generally recognised as an important and unique economic and political union. But despite many efforts in the past and the significant contributions it has made in terms of guaranteeing peace and security and providing humanitarian aid, public awareness of the EU's active role in these domains and its impact are still limited. That is why it was time to write a solid brand story around the EU's international partnerships.

Our approach

Think BBDO guided the relevant EU Directorate-General (DG) on an interactive and participatory journey over a one-year period to build the foundations for a strong brand strategy.

After auditing and benchmarking the communication of the European Union, as well as that of other important international players, several interactive workshops were held to determine the positioning of the brand, the key message and complementary messages, and the relevant target groups. Building upon this strategic foundation, the next phase involved working on a clear and accessible brand story for the EU, which was then tested with relevant target groups in Europe and Africa. The final brand story and messages platform were set out in a brand book.

Think BBDO also laid the foundations for an ambassador programme, involving public figures or personalities communicating the new story to relevant target groups in Europe and Africa, in particular young people aged 16-30, through various channels.

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