De Krook: Ghent’s library as a brand



Ghent’s city library operates in a larger (brand) field: in addition to the central library, there are 14 other, smaller branches. Following the move to the new De Krook site in 2017, this much-frequented city service also became the largest occupant of this new site. The library clearly needed advice about the brand policy to implement. Think BBDO became the library’s partner for short-term brand advice, facilitating consultation with all the stakeholders.

Our solution

We suggested a number of clear steps for the library brand, to achieve results, quickly, in a structured and participatory way.

The intake workshop with the library’s employees was the equivalent of an interactive deep dive into the world of libraries past, present and future. Based on the input from this workshop, Think BBDO set to work, drafting an advisory memorandum on the brand policy for the library in De Krook.

We formulated strategic recommendations for the brand architecture of the central library (and its branches), the positioning within and in relation to De Krook, the positioning of the 'library’ brand (the conceptual story) and finally, the actual implementation in terms of the library’s name, visual identity and communication.

We also advised the library on the internal roll-out and communication of this brand policy, including organising a workshop for library employees.

Finally, we developed a marketing plan with a core group of employees. We defined specific objectives, target groups, a strategy, messages and resources for the coming years during a strategic marketing workshop.

Branding, Change communication

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