C-mine: the transformation of a mining site into a creative hub



C-mine, the oldest mine in Winterslag near Genk, has become a hub for various creative and innovative people, companies and institutions. It wants to stimulate creativity and, as such, has become a meeting place for fans of innovation. The focus and purpose had already been determined for four areas: education, culture, tourism & recreation and the creative economy. What C-mine lacked, however, was a clear positioning, a marketing communication plan, a new logo and a creative concept for its future communication.

Our solution

Think BBDO helped C-mine develop its brand identity. Following on from this, we developed a strategic marketing communication plan and a visual identity. We also had to create widespread engagement among the many different parties involved.

At the start of the project, we wanted to have a better idea of the vision of some of the main stakeholders at C-mine and hear what they had to say about the role of the partners in this story. We started by organising a number of intake meetings with the various (private, semi-public and public) partners of C-mine. This was followed by a joint creative-strategic workshop, in which we determined the framework for the brand, the marketing communication strategy, the mission and the vision. We combined all this in C-mine’s brand positioning.

We then followed this up with a creative exercise to create a visual identity for C-mine. We developed a new logo for C-mine, with a matching house style, the baseline ‘Onuitputtelijk C-mine’ (Infinite C-Mine) and a brand architecture. This defined the relationship between the C-mine umbrella brand and the brands of the various partners who develop business activities onsite.

The brand positioning, the transposition into a clear visual identity and a comprehensive marketing communication plan provided the creative hub with all the assets it needed to position itself as a strong brand, both on a national and international level.

The core positioning - C-mine operates at the crossroads of creativity and experiences - was and is the premise for all future products, actions and communication to the various target groups.

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