Bekaert: a hard as steel brand



Bekaert is the global market leader for steel wire transformation and coatings. This listed company is a global corporation with headquarters in Belgium. By 2005, Bekaert had been operating on the international market for several years, meaning that the corporation required a new, strong positioning. At the time, Bekaert’s image was relatively unclear and fragmented, largely because of its diverse product range and many different business units. The company’s perception and image did not match its technological evolution. Moreover, the company intended to divest its fencing activity.

Our solution

Think BBDO developed a positioning exercise, to give the Bekaert brand the strong foundation it needed for the future. The agency then organised a Morris Matrix workshop with managers of the various business units among others to define the Bekaert brand.

Based on this exercise, we developed a brand passport and brand essence for Bekaert: a concise definition of the brand. We also overhauled Bekaert’s brand architecture, establishing a clear link between Bekaert and its products.

The brand positioning gave rise to the creation of a new logo and an updated corporate style. The baseline ‘Better together’ also originated in the strategic brand exercise that we conducted on the multinational’s behalf.

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