Vitalink: towards a healthy network

Healthcare professionals use the Vitalink system to easily and securely share digital patient information with each other. Vitalink currently shares information about vaccination, medication, population screenings and a summary of the GP’s patient record. The platform was developed by the Flemish Agency for Care and Health of the Government of Flanders.

The Flemish Agency for Care and Health coordinated the development of the system, asking Think BBDO to develop a communication strategy and plan.

Our solution

Think BBDO first and foremost wanted to generate support. Involving the various stakeholders in the health and welfare sector – each with their own points of views and interests – in the development of the strategy and plan was crucial. This included GPs, patient associations, chemists, people working in home care, hospitals and the various health services.

The stakeholders were involved in the project from the outset. We started by setting up several focus groups, mapping the strategic challenges for Vitalink. The result was summarised in a report.

We then organised a strategic workshop with the stakeholders, giving them an important say in the development of the strategy for reaching all the target groups and the communication plan to market Vitalink. Their input was crucial to develop a communication strategy for the different phases of Vitalink’s development and marketing.

The input from the workshop was used to develop a strategic and integrated communication plan. With this plan, we introduced Vitalink through various channels - digital communication, PR and campaigns - as well as informing all the target groups about the platform.

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