NMBS: the driver of our mobility

NMBS-Holding wanted to take on the role of driver of our mobility in Belgium. It was clear that they needed a good story and a vision on the mobility of the future, which is why they called on Think BBDO for help.

Our solution

Developing a vision and a (brand) story is Think BBDO’s core business. We relied on our expertise and methods to efficiently do this for the NMBS-Holding.

A substantive purpose exercise provided the starting premise for the new vision and the mobility story. The CEO of the NMBS-Holding, the communication manager and his team all participated in the exercise. We set to work with their conclusions. The result was a consistent mobility story, in which we explained the vision of the NMBS-Holding in an aspirational and inviting way.

The future of mobility consists of a network that will start from people’s reality and needs. Everything revolves around users, who must be able to put together their own mobility chain. The NMBS wants to play a vital role as the driver of this mobility, combining various modes of transport as well as raising users’ awareness of the new reality.

Think BBDO translated this clear mobility story, which was designed to raise awareness, into a number of communication media for internal and external stakeholders. We produced a mobility film, a brochure to raise awareness destined for potential partners and a presentation about networked mobility.

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