Mee Met De Stroom: raising awareness of the energy transition

Flemish people are not sufficiently informed about the energy transition. We all want to contribute to a healthier environment, to leave behind a healthy planet for our children and grandchildren, and to ensure our energy bills remain affordable. But we do not know where we are supposed to be heading, what the intentions of all the government measures are, and what more we can do ourselves.

Together with BBDO, a broad public campaign was set up to inform the general public and, where possible, to get them to take action – because efforts by everyone are required.


Our approach

BBDO determined the strategy and creative concept and also took charge of the production and rollout of the campaign.

The Mee Met De Stroom campaign works with three key ideas as its central message: more economical, smarter and greener. The creative concept is built around dominoes, because every move towards an energy transition has a knock-on effect on our climate and our comfort. All of us can do small and large things to be part of this transformation. A specially created campaign website explains what the Flemish Government is already doing and offers a clear overview of how each of us can contribute.

Until now, three phases have been rolled out on TV and on diverse digital media platforms:

- Autumn 2021: explanation and awareness-raising around the energy transition.
- Spring 2022: positioning of the digital meter within the energy transition and explaining its benefits.
- Spring 2022: introduction of sustainable heating options, which will replace fossil fuels

The fourth phase comes in the autumn of 2022.

To involve diverse partners in the energy transition, a campaign toolbox was developed that partners can use to disseminate the campaign across their own channels.



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