Leuven: leading the way in terms of urban sustainability

For the Leuven Klimaatneutraal/Leuven Climate Neutral project, the City of Leuven partnered with various public institutions, knowledge institutions, private companies, civil society, the cultural sector and citizens. The objective? No more net CO2 emissions in Leuven by 2030.

Our solution

An ambitious project such as Leuven Klimaatneutraal needed much more than an advertising campaign in communication terms. We needed to develop a lasting concept and message.

We used a participatory and co-creative process to develop:

  • a project identity
  • a communication strategy
  • a creative concept
  • a communicative symbol
  • a tactical 4-year plan, to develop a long-term relationship with the various target groups.

Everything was designed to develop an appealing and impactful citizen movement. To establish this movement, we developed a campaign concept and campaign symbol and challenge: ‘Mission Zero Emission’. We challenged the diverse target groups, and stimulated them to think about their behaviour and sustainably adapt it in the long term.

The logo of Leuven Klimaatneutraal 2030 was also updated: we added the campaign symbol. The mission has to be conveyed in all the actions and communication.

Enticing, stimulating headlines underpinned the creative concept. The execution of the idea in its purest form created a direct link between the content of the message and the bearer of the message.

In mid-November 2013, the not-for-profit association organised an opening event in the city centre of Leuven. Think BBDO provided advice about the Climate Week, creating and developing a life-size chalk drawing of an attractive call to action in Ladeuzeplein.

We also developed the brochure, assisted the not-for-profit association with the development of the new website, developed a style guide, which ensured that all communication and actions can contribute to the project in a consistent and impactful way, and devised the launch campaign.

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