Institute for the Equality of Women and Men: a new approach to communication

The Institute for the Equality of Women and Men wanted to shape its communication policy with a workable strategic communication plan allowing it to reach specific target groups. To make them aware of the issues on which the Institute works and to lower the threshold to contact them. But also to give the Institute a more visible role in the public debate.

Our approach

Think BBDO guided the Institute on an interactive and participatory journey over a one-year period. To get a better idea of how the Institute and its communication were perceived, the first step involved extensive qualitative research among stakeholders. At the same time, an audit of the Institute's current paid, owned and earned communication was carried out. The two studies confirmed that the Institute did not have a strong enough presence and that its communication had to be more visible and consistent. Furthermore, its choice of channels needed to be more dynamic.

To follow up on this, various workshops were organised with the Institute's employees to determine the most relevant target groups, formulate the messages and tone of voice and select the right channels.

Think BBDO used this input to create a strategic communication plan for the next two years, clearly defining the priorities in terms of communication.

The Institute is currently working on how to implement this plan in concrete terms, based on its specific objectives and resources.

- Corporate communication, Change communication

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