COVID-19: stakeholder strategy and crisis communication for a pharmaceutical company


The company faced a number of challenges, including:

Communication with patients about changes to the course of clinical studies

Communication to stakeholders (government, medical world) about existing drugs’ potential to treat COVID-19, taking into account ongoing clinical trials

Alignment of this communication with the company’s international communication (both in other countries and globally from HQ)

Our solution

Our starting point was a thorough analysis of all internal and external environmental factors. We took into account existing communication plans and fact sheets, stakeholder positions, regulations, the evolution of media attention for the subject (via real-time media monitoring), and potential future risks.

Think BBDO then developed a phased crisis communication plan with adapted messages, communication tools and Q and As for each phase. By doing so, we prepared our client for any scenario in the rapidly changing context of the pandemic. We regularly adjusted the plan in response to internal and external developments.

Additionally, Think BBDO organized camera training tailored to the company's spokespeople. They brushed up on their interview techniques and rehearsed the messages, in order to be prepared for potential media attention.

Change communication, Corporate communication

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