'Be Europe' with BBDO for FPS Chancellery

Think BBDO developed the logo for the Belgian Presidency of the European Union on behalf of the FPS Chancellery of the Prime Minister. A powerful logo with a clear message.

The European Presidency logo illustrates the intersection between Belgian identity and European values. The abbreviations of Belgium ('be') and the European Union ('EU') are therefore placed at an intersection, resulting in a logo that reads both horizontally and vertically as "be EU" or "be Europe". A powerful message and a call on others to embrace the values of the European project, like Belgium does.

Because the importance of the European Union cannot be overestimated, a deliberate choice has been made to use EU in capitals.

The logo will be seen at numerous events and diplomatic occasions during the European Presidency. As well as on the streets of the European capital Brussels. It has even already been recreated in chocolate.

"Branding is at its strongest when it conveys a commitment. No better example than this logo for the European presidency. Even in times of uncertainty and conflict, Belgium says to the world at a glance: 'we are Europe'. We are proud to have collaborated on this visual identity," says Fons Van Dyck, head of Think BBDO.

Brand strategy director: Fons Van Dyck
Brand consultant: Ken Demol
Design director: James Gambrill
Graphic design: Gaël Fouquet

© Photos: Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union / Vlad Vanderkelen

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