Branding: create sustainable value for better and for worse

It’s not always smooth sailing for brands and organisations. Many companies have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis and are scrambling to revive in the post-coronavirus era. Meanwhile, consumer trust has suffered a blow and a new economic recession has started.

Now more than ever, strong brands which keep a close connection with customers and consumers will be the winners. Numerous studies have shown that companies which continue to invest in their brand during crisis times, come out of the crisis in a stronger position.

An investment in branding remains without any doubt an investment in the future.

Strong brands are a source of reliability

Strong brands inspire confidence and peace of mind, a need that is all the more relevant in the (post) coronavirus era. They create a recognisable identity for a product, organisation or individual, guiding the choices of consumers and stakeholders. 

Continuous investment in innovation

Brands must continually innovate if they want to keep up with the ever-changing reality. A new brand positioning must distinguish itself from the rest while matching the organisation’s vision and essence. 

That is why Think BBDO strives to find an answer to four fundamental questions, together with internal and external stakeholders:

  1. What does the brand stand for today? How is the brand valued/perceived?
    → Brand exploration
  2. What do you want the brand to be tomorrow?
    → Strategic positioning
  3. Which strong name, baseline and logo translate this positioning into a recognisable brand?
    → Brand identity
  4. How do we make the transition from your brand today to your brand tomorrow? An internal and external campaign draws attention to the new brand.
    → Marketing communication

Exclusive approach: the Morris Matrix

How do you build strong brands? Think BBDO has developed a unique and exclusive approach for this, called the Morris Matrix methodology. Over the years, this approach has proved its value for many companies, organisations and governments.

Bridging the gap between advice and implementation

Our approach does not stop with a report. It’s all about taking action.

Our premise? A clear strategy, centred around communication. Think BBDO believes in always thinking outside the box.  Sometimes advertising may be the best option. In other cases digital communication may be better. Sometimes it can be internal communication. For the most part, we believe in an integrated approach that is always tailored to the customer. The specialists in the BBDO network are in charge of the practical execution.

Think BBDO thereby bridges the gap between advice and execution. We know what works and what doesn’t. The emphasis is always on the end result.

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