Fons Van Dyck

Head of Think BBDO – Brand Strategy Director

Fons Van Dyck

Fons Van Dyck has been the head of Think BBDO, a subsidiary of the worldwide BBDO communication network, for over 15 years.

He advises brands and organisations (including not-for-profit and public authorities) on their brand and communication strategy, positioning, branding and re-branding, corporate reputation, stakeholder strategy, crisis communication and place branding.

Fons lectures on Brand Strategy and Marketing Communication at the Free University of Brussels. These disciplines are situated at the crossroads of economics and society, paying a lot of attention to critical reflection.

He has also written several successful books. His book ‘Het merk mens: consumenten grijpen de macht’ (2008) was awarded the Dutch PIM Prize for the most innovative marketing book. He also wrote ‘De kracht van wit’ (2009), about the impact of the financial crisis on consumer behaviour and the consequences for brands. In ‘Reclame: dood of levend’ (2013) he reflected on the future of advertising in the digital era. An English translation of the book was published, titled ‘Advertising Transformed’ (2014), after which it was also translated into Turkish and Thai.

In his most recent book, ‘De onsterfelijke onderneming’ (2019), Fons reflected on how corporations and their brands can survive in the long term in these disruptive times. The book transposes the success story of 40 years of Apple into widely applicable principles for any organisation or company. Leading entrepreneurs from Benelux give readers an exclusive insight into their formula for success. Technology guru and author Peter Hinssen was given a preview copy of the manuscript and said it was his magnum opus.

On a professional level, Fons has extensive experience working in political marketing and communication (1991-1996). He was also one of the pioneers at Telenet, developing the iconic Telenet brand, as the company’s communication director (1996-2001).

In 2016, Fons obtained a PhD in Media and Communication Studies from the Free University of Brussels. In this PhD, which was titled ‘The longevity of brands’, Fons examined the conditions that brands have to fulfil for their long-term survival. He discussed the history of the Apple brand at length in his doctoral thesis.

In 2009, Stichting Marketing in Belgium (the present BAM) voted him Master Marketer of the Year. He is frequently asked to share his opinion in the media and gives talks for organisations in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors on themes such as brands, strategy, media and communication.

  • PhD in Media and Communication Studies – Free University of Brussels
  • MA in Political and Social Sciences – Catholic University of Leuven
  • Marketing and Sales Management – Institut Supérieur de Commerce St-Louis

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

5 questions for Fons

  • What is your love brand? Nelson Mandela
  • What is your favourite place to unwind? A walk in the park
  • What is your guilty pleasure? Original radio broadcasts from the 60s and 70s from ships on the North Sea (Veronica, RNI, Caroline)
  • Your favourite cuisine? Homemade
  • What else is on your bucket list? A journey to Mars.

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