Anne Le Page

Senior account executive

Anne Le Page

Laughing makes life easier

As senior account executive, Anne takes care of the daily administrative organisation and follow-up of the various projects for Think BBDO’s clients

She oversees the creative process and the production process, and also coordinates radio and TV recordings.

Prior to joining Think BBDO, Anne worked at BBDO, starting out as an Account Assistant at darwin BBDO, followed by a stint at VVL BBDO from 2008 onwards. 

Her career in advertising started at Lielens en Partners, where she worked as an Account Assistant. After branching out briefly as a Programme Acquisition Assistant at VT4, Anne found her way to the world of BBDO. Her first job was at Telindus in 1986, where she was hired as a secretary.

  • Administration languages – O.L.V. van Ham Institute, Mechelen

5 questions for Anne

  • What is your love brand? Anything from Nespresso to Sunlight.
  • What is your favourite place to unwind? The sea, in Belgium or in another country.
  • What is your guilty pleasure? Coffee (and cake, of course!)
  • Your favourite cuisine? All Mediterranean cuisines, although I also enjoy some tasty kale with bacon!
  • What else is on your bucket list? Volunteering.

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