Stakeholder management: how to maintain good relationships with all your stakeholders

In today’s globalised world, companies and brands must look beyond the confines of their own area. The call for transparency grows greater as does mistrust in many sectors and corporations. A collective crisis such as the coronavirus outbreak has proven to be a textbook case study – a tragic one – of the importance of sustainable stakeholder relations between nations, government levels, companies, industries, employees and citizens.

How do you build trust among your stakeholders?

Many companies and organisations are searching for ways to rebuild this trust and improve relationships with their stakeholders. Companies need this trust if they want a license to operate.

Having social and societal relevance is the most important benchmark for companies and organisations to be and remain an economic success.

How do we determine your organisation’s role in society?

At Think BBDO we help brands, companies and organisations manage and improve relationships with their stakeholders. With research and insights, strategies and action plans, as well as communication. Always in a highly participatory and interactive way.

Together we define and communicate the role that your brand wishes to play in our society. 

  1. We map reputations and issues, within the broader corporate, social and economic context. 
  2. We go in search of the right way to build your company’s reputation. How do you manage and control specific issues in the short and longer term?

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