Purpose: why does your organisation exist?

In 2019, the Business Roundtable released a remarkable statement. This club of 181 CEOs of large American companies – which includes Apple, Amazon and J.P. Morgan – decided to drop the ‘shareholders first’ principle. In the 21st century, a company’s purpose is no longer about making the most money possible. Companies now need to serve the interests of all their stakeholders. Including their customers, employees, suppliers and society as a whole. 

Mother, why do we live?

The purpose of a company or organisation thereby becomes a fundamental building block of the brand.

  • Why do we exist? 
  • What is our role if we want to build a better society? 
  • What is the higher goal that motivates our employees to do their best every day? 
  • Why do our customers feel a connection with us? 

Purpose: a guiding principle

Your company’s purpose is a higher goal, a guiding principle. It is completely different from a strategy or a mission. It is the organisation’s North Star, with a longer lifespan: a purpose can remain unchanged for more than 100 years. Unlike company objectives, which should and must continually change.

A clear purpose prepares you for the future!

At Think BBDO, we believe that organisations and brands with a clear purpose are ready for the future. A future in which social interests are extremely important. One in which the outside world increasingly expects companies and organisations to be socially responsible. Examples include caring about environmental and climate issues, but also – following the wake-up call of the coronavirus – the health of employees, consumers and citizens. 

A purpose is not created in the ivory tower of a board room or a marketing department. It is developed by listening to what people have to say in the real world out there.

Establishing a brand-reinforcing purpose together

Every purpose must differentiate, be credible and create value for all the stakeholders. The result is a stronger brand that communicates transparently and inspires internal and external stakeholders.

Think BBDO developed an interactive methodology for formulating an organisation’s purpose in conjunction with all its internal and external stakeholders. 

We examine the trends and context, reflect on the organisation’s history and take the objectives for the future into account. 

Your organisation also needs a purpose.

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