Place branding: the city as a brand

The place where you live and work has a significant impact. Not just on you, but also on companies and investors. Cities and regions are increasingly aware of the crucial role that the perception of different stakeholders plays. A clearly defined, relevant and distinctive image is vital in this context.

Rational and emotional expectations

Place branding and city marketing consists of the appropriation of distinctive characteristics, claims and stories (the branding), which are consistently used in the market, in communication, actions, initiatives and policy (marketing). 

Regions, cities and places want their stakeholders to have a clear idea of what they can expect there, both on a rational and the emotional level.

The experience is everything, and must be completely in line with the branding.

Thanks to its many years of experience with the branding and marketing of places, working with local authorities, Think BBDO has the knowledge and methodologies to turn countries, regions and cities into strong brands. 

Place branding for your region?

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