Change communication: credibility makes a world of difference

Transformation always involves communication. Is your company going through complex changes? Then change communication is vital.

Relevant, credible and motivating communication with all the internal and external stakeholders does make a world of difference.

Change communication: objectives

In a world where everything and everyone is connected with each other, organisations must involve all their stakeholders in their change processes. This includes the company’s management or employees, but also customers, suppliers, policymakers, the media, citizens. Because everyone deserves clarity.

Therefore it is important to always pursue the right objectives when it comes to change communication:

  • Increase transparency
  • Inspire trust 
  • Guarantee the chances of success of your transformation

In the post coronavirus era change will no doubt be on the agenda in many organizations. At the same time they need to be careful to stay true to their identity and purpose. A difficult balance.

This balance becomes all the more important as a strong employer brand and internal support for change will be the keys to any successful change process.

Only those adapting intelligently to these unprecedented times while staying true to themselves will survive.

Think BBDO provides support to organisations undergoing change, with advice about change communication. Our starting premise is research and factual insights. We map stakeholders and issues, devise communication scenarios and propose messages and communication plans.

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