The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The diverse expertise and the added value of Think BBDO in terms of strategic brand advice: you can find it all in our case studies.

North Sea Port: a new port brand

The Port of Ghent and Zeeland Seaports decided to partner with Think BBDO for their merger into North Sea Port. The outcome? A new, clear identity and a strong brand.

Fluvius: a successful merged brand

Think BBDO developed the complete brand positioning, the new brand identity and the communication strategy for the new Flemish utility company Fluvius

IMPACT!: offer young people a perspective

Think BBDO and the King Baudouin Foundation joined forces, devising the IMPACT! campaign that helps young people tap into their potential.

NMBS: The S-train becomes a brand

In 2015, Belgian public transport company NMBS launched a new suburban train for the Brussels periphery. Think BBDO helped devise the brand positioning.

The City of Brussels, a new strong city brand

Over the years, the communication of the City of Brussels has become fragmented. Think BBDO devised a new, coherent brand, to emphasise the unity in the city.

Spa: more than an iconic water brand

What if consumers perceive your various sub-brands as separate brands? Spa asked Think BBDO to devise a new brand strategy.

Leuven: leading the way in terms of urban sustainability

How do you ensure that a city like Leuven emits no CO2 by 2030? It all starts with a tactical plan and a good communication strategy.

Bel RTL: revitalising a strong radio brand

Bel RTL, a French-language radio broadcaster, needed a brand overhaul. Think BBDO helped them develop a new, more contemporary positioning.

Vitalink: towards a healthy network

The Vitalink system enables healthcare professionals to share medical information. But how do you communicate this to all the project’s stakeholders?

NMBS: the station as a brand

NMBS wanted to improve the image of its stations, with a view to increasing traveller numbers and finding commercial partners. Think BBDO turned the station into a brand.

Umicore: focus on the future

The perception of Union Minière at the end of 1990s prevented the corporation’s further growth. Think BBDO devised a new positioning, name, logo and identity.

Genk: a successful transformation

Genk needed a distinctive and unique positioning because it was unknown and therefore unloved. Think BBDO developed a brand identity for the city.

Bekaert: a hard as steel brand

A new business activity, an unclear image and blurred positioning led Bekaert to contact Think BBDO. Together we prepared the company for the future.

NMBS: the driver of our mobility

Mapping the mobility of the future is not an easy task. Think BBDO assisted the NMBS-Holding with a purpose exercise and a coherent story.

C-mine: the transformation of a mining site into a creative hub

C-mine had already determined a focus, but lacked a positioning. Think BBDO developed a clear brand passport, communication plan and creative concept.

Elia: energy pact builds bridges

System operator Elia was searching for a vision on the future of energy in our country. Think BBDO gathered all the stakeholders around the table and drafted a pact.

De Krook: Ghent’s library as a brand

In 2017, Ghent’s city library moved to the new De Krook site. They asked Think BBDO for advice about their brand policy.

MyFamily: a booming brand

MyFamily, a newly-founded child benefit fund, asked BBDO to help develop their brand positioning and launch campaign.

Milcobel: the power of a cooperative brand

Milcobel, a dairy cooperative, developed a strong brand positioning for internal and external target groups, together with Think BBDO.

Solidaris: a brand for “your health defenders”

One of Belgium’s largest health insurance funds partnered with Think BBDO to develop a brand positioning, connecting it with its members.

Port of Antwerp, in tune with the world

Think BBDO assisted the Port of Antwerp with developing a new mission and vision, which was subsequently transposed into a strong brand