The view of ChatGPT

06 February 2023

De kijk van ChatGPT

If you wanted to be completely involved in 'the world' in the past few days, you had to be able to talk about ChatGPT, and preferably have experimented with it yourself. ChatGPT is a concrete, user-friendly application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that, according to 'believers', will cause a real revolution in education and will also have a major impact on all knowledge workers. As a trial: my first view written by ChatGPT itself about the social impact of the technology.

The social impact of ChatGPT is complex and includes both positive and negative aspects.
On the plus side, ChatGPT offers faster and more efficient communication and access to information, allowing people to be better informed and more productive. The system can help automate tasks that previously had to be done manually, saving time and resources and increasing productivity. Moreover, ChatGPT can also help improve access to information, especially for people who do not have access to people who can help them or for those who lack time or resources to search for information in any other way.

On the other hand, ChatGPT can contribute to the spread of misinformation and the replacement of human interaction. The system is only as good as the data it has been trained with, so if incorrect information is present in the dataset, the system can pass that information on to the user. In addition, the overreliance on ChatGPT can lead to a decrease in human communication skills and the loss of social and emotional connections, which can lead to social and emotional problems.

It is important to consciously deal with the possibilities and limitations of ChatGPT and to continue to monitor its social impact. It is important to ensure that the information used to train the system is accurate, reliable and representative of the diverse population. In addition, we should also consider the possibility of using ChatGPT as a tool instead of replacing human interaction and communication so that we can reap the benefits without the negative aspects.

In general, the societal impact of ChatGPT depends on how it is used and managed. If properly implemented and managed, it can be a powerful tool for faster and more efficient communication and information exchange, while at the same time causing problems if used or managed incorrectly.

So much for my first ChatGPT-generated look. What am I remembering about it myself at the moment:
-AI and ChatGPT offer unprecedented and unsuspected possibilities, but we should not be blind to the limitations. Whether the technology will have the same groundbreaking impact, as the Personal Computer, the Internet, or the smart phone had in the past, the future will tell.
-As paradoxical as it may sound: at a time when technology will be more present than ever in our lives and works, the need for critical reflection, source criticism, human intuition and feeling, and creativity will be more compelling than ever.
-The future will be a future in which people and technology will have to complement and support each other so that everyone benefits and no one is left behind.

Oh, and I can reassure you: from next week you will read my own view again here 😉